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The Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Games and Activities

If you're the lucky wedding party member charged with throwing bachelor party or bachelorette fete, here are few tips on what to do during these festivities.

The best number of guests to invite to a bachelor or a bachelorette party is 10 or less, including members of the wedding party and a couple of other close friends not in the party. Depending on the dynamics of the group, less might be better to keep the rowdy down and keep it a gathering focused on having a fun, but quality time.

These traditional parties may have some cocktails involved, but there's more you can do for fun. Here are a few ideas, activities, and themes to ponder for the pre-nuptial celebration.

Bachelor Bashes

Plan a bachelor party around the groom’s interests and be sure to get his approval for any potentially controversial activities (and yes, you can plan a fun stripper-free party to keep the groom and his buddies out of potential minefields). Besides drinking games, here are 10 of the top suggestions that get the thumbs up from grooms.

  • Host a poker night.

  • Go on a golf outing.

  • Charter a boat for a fishing expedition.

  • Take the party to the ballpark or other sports arena.

  • Head out of town for a weekend in the city.

  • Try a camping trip for a quieter time (keep it safe and ditch the hunting).

  • Go on a posh whiskey and cigar tasting adventure.

  • For the adventurous: try sky diving or white water rafting.

  • Rent a ski house or beach house for the weekend.

  • Organize a paintball party.

Bachelorette Blow Outs

Just like with a bachelor party, consider the bride’s personality and interests when planning her event, and always get her approval for activities. In addition to bachelorette party games, here are 10 themes and activities for the bride and her crew to enjoy.

  • Hire a fortune teller or tarot card reader.

  • Organize an unusual scavenger hunt out and about town and make it wild and crazy.

  • Have a gal pal-only spa weekend with a few close friends.

  • If spas are too tame, try glamping, complete with s'mores and nature walks.

  • Have a night out for hot and spicy salsa dancing lessons.

  • Book a luxurious hotel suite and stay poolside all day long.

  • Plan a yoga-fest, with instructor and fancy yoga outfits as gifts.

  • Host a wine-tasting event or cooking class for the sophisticated bride.

  • Destination bachelorette parties are still popular—from Vegas to Nashville to Miami or Mexico—and they practically write their own agendas filled with local activities.

  • For low-key home-based parties, play some wacky wedding-themed games to break the ice among guests.


The Wedding Dress Game For fun, play the toilet paper wedding dress game typically played at bridal showers and bachelorette parties to help guests get comfortable.

  • Divide guests into teams.

  • Pick a model on each team.

  • Each team creates a wedding dress made from toilet paper on an appointed model.

  • The bride awards a prize to the best dress.


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