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Hi, my name is Renis, a wedding videographer based in Westchester, New York. Over the past 10 years, I have had the honor of documenting weddings and elopements all across the world. I firmly believe less is more. I love my family, God, and the beautiful world he has designed. When not creating art I can be found building Lego towers with my three boys. We enjoy spending quiet days with our family and friends in New York.


New York Wedding Videographer

My sons
Mom & Dad
Reach for the stars
My wedding
My boys

Our Philosophy

Our desire is to design a visual, cinematic poem that displays the beauty of marriage. We believe that honest human moments are as beautiful as the most incredible landscapes. It’s our aim to perfectly blend the two together to summon emotion that is joy-filled and timeless. Our mission is to craft a piece of art that causes you to reflect on the heart of your marriage for the rest of your lives.

”Their talent speaks for itself and as a bride, I can't express how much of a relief it was to trust their vision, so I could stay in the moment. Choosing Renivision was

the best investment we've made thus far!"

 Christine & Ronald

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