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How to Word Your Wedding RSVP Card

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Every wedding is unique. From holistic, barefoot beach celebrations to traditional church ceremonies, each couple has the right to define their special day. Naturally, it all starts with a simple card. Wedding RSVP cards give your guests the first taste of your theme, and perfecting your wedding RSVP card wording is the first step.

What Does RSVP Mean on a Wedding Invitation?

We checked in with a few experts to gather their wedding RSVP card insight. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started, along with some examples for inspiration.

Wedding RSVP Card Tips

Send them early.

“Wedding RSVPs are one of the elements for guests to discover as they explore the wedding invitation suite, either as separate insert cards or as a portion of text on the invite itself,” says Valentina Ring, founder, creative director, and head planner at The Stars Inside. “Invites are typically finalized and ordered from your stationer about four to six months before the wedding, and sent out around two months before the day.”

Give a clear deadline.

When you’ve sent the cards out, it’s a waiting game. To save yourself any stress, give a clear deadline. “My recommendation is to set it one month prior to the wedding date,” says Ring. “Many vendors require order details to be finalized four weeks before the wedding. Having your RSVPs back by then can make the process smooth and accurate.”

What’s more, if you’re planning on tying the knot far away, you need to allow some extra time. “For destination weddings, where invites are sent a bit earlier, the RSVP date can be around two months before the date, allowing guests to iron out their travel details.”

Invest in matching stationery.

The devil is in the detail, or so they say. When you’re picking out your stationery, ensure that it matches for an elegant effect. “If you've chosen to have a separate RSVP card for guests to fill out and mail back to you, these would typically come with their own matching envelopes, which should be pre-addressed and stamped for convenience,” suggests Ring.

Include the essentials.

Wondering what to include on a wedding RSVP card? We’ve got you covered. The card itself usually includes the following:

  • A clear RSVP deadline for your guests to be mindful of.

  • A way of marking whether or not the guests invited will be attending.

  • Sufficient space for guests to enter exactly who can make it, including any plus-ones.

  • Any dietary requirements.

Add more information.

Before you seal the envelopes, consider whether you need to add any extra information, such as your contact details and more. “You can add details of the dress code here if you haven't elsewhere,” says Ring. “You can also include a phone number and an email address or remind them of the URL of your wedding website.”

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Website

Leave some blank space.

Encourage your guests to get creative and share their thoughts with you. Allowing them to write something is a simple way to make your RSVP cards unique. “If possible, leave some space on the RSVP so that your guests can write any special accommodations or leave you notes about how excited they are for your celebrations,” says Ring.

Create a spreadsheet.

It’s time to get organized. “A tip I always suggest to couples is to create a spreadsheet where each invite sent corresponds to a number and then subtly penciling in that number to the back of the RSVP card,” says Ring. “This way, if the guests' names are missing or tricky to read, you'll know exactly who the RSVP came from!”

Break the traditions.

“Traditional wording for an RSVP is ‘Accepts With Pleasure/Regretfully Declines’ which is perfectly acceptable if a little boring,” says Tasha Newland, wedding creative and community founder at The County Wedding Clubs. “We absolutely love it when a couple desires nothing more than to do their wedding their way and embrace the personal side of everything marriage. You can, of course, change the wording, you can add different requests, you can personalize the actual RSVP with your design and wedding style, and above all else, you can think of something quirky or even something funny.”

Add a flair of creativity.

You don’t want your cards to be a carbon copy of generic messages. “These RSVP cards are a wonderful way of injecting your own personality and style,” says Ring. “You can really embrace your theme or aesthetic narrative! If you have space, you can make it more unique to you by asking some fun questions like what song is sure to get them on the dance floor, date ideas, or advice for the newlyweds.”

“We love encouraging personalizing it in some way,” says Alexandra Rembac, principal & creative director of Sterling Engagements. “Sometimes that comes through within the first two sentences at the top via a message and sometimes it’s about adding a line for a love note or a song request at the bottom. It’s a fun way they can connect with their guests and set the tone for what’s to come.”

Wedding RSVP Card Wording Examples

Before you send out your invitations, it helps to see some creative RSVP card wording samples—a little inspiration goes a long way! Here are formats you may choose to use when writing your cards:


Répondez S'il Vous Plaît (RSVP) Your response is requested before August 31st. Name(s) :__________________ ▢ accept(s) with pleasure ▢ decline(s) with regret Entrée Preference: ▢ Filet Mignon ▢ Vegetable Medley Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons Dress code: White tie


Kindly Respond We ask you to reply before August 31st. Name(s) :__________________ ▢ will be there to celebrate ▢ will be toasting from afar Entrée Preference: ▢ Meat ▢ Vegetarian Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons


Will You Be Joining Us? We kindly request your reply before August 31st. Name(s) of our fabulous guests:__________________ ▢ will be there with bells on ▢ will be there in spirit Song request:__________________ Advice for the newlyweds: __________________ Entrée Preference: ▢ Meat ▢ Vegetarian Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons


Yay or Nay? When we say ‘I do’, will we be seeing you? Reply before August 31st. Name(s) :__________________ ▢ Yes, you will see our/my face(s) ▢ Sorry, we’re/I’m busy that day! Give us your best advice:__________________ Entrée Preference: ▢ Meat ▢ Vegetarian Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons What should we pack for our destination wedding? __________________


Fly Away with Us! Elope with us and watch us tie the knot. RSVP by August 31st. Name(s) :__________________ ▢ Yes, we’re/I’m beachy keen to attend! ▢ Sorry, we/I can’t make the flight! Entrée Preference: ▢ Meat ▢ Vegetarian Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons


Will You Be Joining Us? Say ‘yes’... You know you want to. RSVP by August 31st. Name(s) :__________________ ▢ Yeah, baby! ▢ Dang, we’re/I’m busy! Anything else you want to say?:__________________ Entrée Preference: ▢ Meat ▢ Veggie Dessert Preference: ▢ Parfait ▢ Macarons

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